Ask The Experts: The Secret To The Perfect Cleanse

Ask The Experts: The Secret To The Perfect Cleanse

Cleansing lays the foundation for your skin regimen. The first step in any skincare routine goes beyond the cleanser you use, it’s also about your technique. That’s why we asked four experts we love to share their insights on what constitutes the perfect cleanse. 

Hannah Biddle, Celebrity Makeup Artist

A single cleanser alone is not enough to remove sunscreen and/or makeup, so a cleansing oil or cleansing balm is a must for your first step. I recommend using a Cleansing Coin soaked in warm water to remove the cleansing oil along with all traces of makeup. Then, follow up with your favorite cleanser that suits your skin type.

Joanna Vargas, Esthetician and Founder of Joanna Vargas Skincare

Joanna Vargas

I love The Skinsheet because it’s so perfect with my cleanser for taking off makeup or sunscreen at the end of the day. Nighttime is your body’s time to repair itself and you need to have the skin cleanser well in order to assist that repair process.

Andrea Friedlander, Aesthetician and Founder of Skincare Solutions by Andrea

Andrea Friedlander

I opt for cleansers that fully remove the daily dirt from my face without drying out my skin. I love The Cleansing Coins for this—they help you achieve a thorough cleanse, but they are very gentle.

Nousha Salimi,  Celebrity Skincare Expert and Founder of Rejuvenate With Nousha

Nousha Salimi

The Cleansing Coins help to clean the skin really well. If I have makeup on, it helps to remove it without being too rough on the skin!