The Cleansing Coins


From coin to cloth, to cleanse, remove and exfoliate, our Cleansing Coins gently, yet thoroughly, remove cleanser, dirt and impurities when paired with your favorite cleanser. These 1-inch coins morph into 10 x 10-inch cloths when moistened with water, and their woven texture allows for daily use to gently cleanse and unveil a radiant blank slate. Each tube of Cleansing Coins contains 12 coins.

  • More thorough cleansing - Lather and remove face wash and cleanser, including cleansing balm and oil
  • Gentle exfoliation without irritation
  • Versatile - Ideal for removing makeup, masks and exfoliants
  • Hygienic - Use one cleansing coin per use, sans waste
  • Made from 100% cotton cellulose
  • Biodegradable and home compostable

To prep a Cleansing Coin, moisten with water or micellar water (if removing makeup) and unroll into a cloth. To remove cleanser, exfoliants, masks or makeup, sweep the moist cloth over your face, rinsing as needed. To lather your cleanser and more deeply clean your pores, drape the cloth over fingers and massage in circular motions.

    • Cleanser and face wash
    • Cleansing oil and balm 
    • Micellar water
    • Exfoliants
    • Face masks

      The Skinsheet offers a revolutionary solution to traditional facial cotton. Our biobased cotton is made from regenerated cotton cellulose, a highly biodegradable fiber that is naturally derived from cotton. Cotton linter is usually wasted – no longer the case with The Skinsheet. With our products, it is dissolved into cellulose fibers and spun without binders or additives. This means that our products are less wasteful to manufacture, use and dispose of. They are also more absorbent, gentle, pure and versatile than cotton – because what works best for Mother Earth, tends to work beautifully for us as well. 

      The Skinsheet’s materials are certified for industrial and home compost, and soil and marine biodegradability.

        The perfect match for your favorite cleanser.

        The perfect match for your favorite cleanser.

        Experience your most thorough cleanse yet when you use The Cleansing Coins to lather and remove your favorite cleanser.

        From coin to cloth, in seconds.

        From coin to cloth, in seconds.

        These 1-inch coins morph into 10 x 10-inch cloths when moistened with water,​​​​​​​​ and their woven texture allows for daily use to gently cleanse and unveil a radiant blank slate. 


        How to prep your cleansing coins with the bowl.
        To prep a Skinsheet Cleansing Coin, moisten with water or micellar water and unroll into a cloth.
        To prep a Skinsheet Cleansing Coin, moisten with water or micellar water and unroll into a cloth.
        Maximize your existing skin regimen with The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins.
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        Do The Cleansing Coins have cleanser?
        The Cleansing Coins are not manufatured with cleanser or skincare formulas. They are intended to be used with your favorite skincare formulas including cleanser, cleansing balm and oil, micellar water and more.
        Can The Cleansing Coins replace my washcloths?
        Yes! The Cleansing Coins, turned cloths, are more hygienic and gentle than washcloths and are ideal for both lathering and removing cleasner. They are also very low waste, breaking down in just 2-4 weeks.
        Can I use The Cleansing Coins every day?
        You can use them twice a day! While The Cleansing Coins do have a woven texture to thoroughly cleanse, gently exfoliate and remove dirt, grime and makeup, they are gentle enough to use daily.
        Can I use The Cleansing Coins if I have sensitive skin?
        Yes! The Cleansing Coins are ideal for sensitive skin. Made from 100% cotton cellulose, they are free from lint and friction, and more gentle than muslins, bamboo cloths and washcloths.
        Are The Cleansing Coins single-use?
        The Cleansing Coins are intended to be single use, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you do decide to re-use a cloth, make sure to rinse it well and hang to dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.
        How should I dispose of The Cleansing Coins?
        Toss them in your home compost bin or trash can! The Skinsheet products are made from materials certified for industrial compost, home compost, soil biodegradability and marine biodegradability, so you can dispose of them, sans guilt.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 31 reviews
        Candace Cady
        Love love Skinsheets. I use them every day morning and evening. My skin glows!!

        Thank you thank you for your amazing products. My skin is so much healthier and I love the new Skinsheet travel bag. It holds everything.

        Mary Ramisch
        Great Product

        I LOVE the skin sheets. I use them almost daily. Great on days when I don’t shower,
        Great for removing makeup and helping my face to feel really fresh. Bonus that they are biodegradable

        These transform from coins to sheets

        These were not what I originally thought they were. The coins don't jut expand but also unfold and unroll making a sheet. I wasn't really looking for a sheet but have to admit I am thoroughly impressed with it. The sheet is a good size, soft but also with texture due to the holes. Overall a convenient easy to travel option.

        Cleansing Coins

        -You get 12 pieces of cleansing coins in a tube
        -There are the size of coins and it expands into a 10 x 10-inch sheet when you add water to it
        -It is good for traveling to clean your face but not big enough as a bath towel
        -It saves a lot of space and you can just throw it away after using it

        Wild Concept! Mesh-Like Washcloth

        These arrive in a compact little tube. You pop the top off and then remove one of these wide disks. I really didn't know what to expect at all as I ran these under warm water. As the water hits this, it changes color: it becomes a tan sort of color. Now, this doesn't open on it's own (it took a moment for me to realize that). And, it isn't going to flop open. Instead, you are going to unroll it from the side.

        When this is unrolled, this is a sort of mesh fabric. I used this to remove a heavy mud mask. I had to rinse this several times, but it really did help to expedite the process (and these rinse easily since they are mesh).

        These are disposable, so toss this after one use.

        I think these are really handy. I always feel bad using a conventional washcloth to remove my masks (kind of a messy waste that then needs to be washed in the washer). So, this has a nice place in my weekly routine.

        A cool idea. A really wild, unexpected product! Recommended!