Ask The Experts: 5 Skincare Travel Must Haves

Ask The Experts: 5 Skincare Travel Must Haves


If you could travel with just one skincare item, what would it be? We asked five beauty experts to share their top picks. 

Hannah Biddle, Celebrity makeup artist: “Besides The Skinsheet Cleansing Coins (no really, I’m 1000% serious), Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Dark Spot Serum. It’s my happy serum…gentle, radiance boosting, skin smoothing and fades dark spots over time. It gives my skin exactly what it needs and works well in different climates since it isn’t too greasy. Traveling can be rough on the skin sometimes, and this serum really keeps my skin in top shape.”

Andrea Friedlander, Aesthetician and owner of Skincare Solutions by Andrea: “I would never travel without my Skinmedica TNS Advanced+ Serum. With over 400 different types of growth factors, it is the only anti-aging serum proven to address sagging skin as fast as 2 weeks.”

Dr. Ray Jallian, Cosmetic Dermatologist at Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology: “My current favorite is Phloretin CF Serum from Skinceuticals. In addition to the long term benefits of antioxidants for environmental damage, it helps brighten my skin and for me has the added benefit of oil control.”

Kristie Streicher, Founder of The Feathered Brow and co-owner of L.A.-based salon STRIIIKE: “Lip balm because without shame, I am FULLY addicted. I find that the right one can be incredibly universal. I have been known to use lip balm in a “chapstick- like” form as gel to keep my brows in place and under eye moisturizer. My current favorite is AER,  it's moisturizing yet lightweight and the jumbo size easy coats your lips with one quick glide.”  

Mary Frances Knight, Founder of The Skinsheet: “I recently discovered Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm and I am obsessed. It calms down stressed, dry, and sunburned skin immediately, and leaves your skin with a glow. The blue tint also helps reduce the appearance of redness, and it is light enough for sensitive skin.”